You Have A Website Whats Next

How to drive traffic to your website

Your new website was launched with high expectations. Hundreds of people should be visiting it every day. Dozens of people should be submitting the request form for your goods or services.

Weeks go by and you have only received a handful of visits to your website and even fewer requests for your goods or services.

Your website at this point is akin to a billboard in the middle of a desert with no roads around for traffic to see it.

What’s next?

In order to answer that question, you need to understand what bring visitors to a website.


People visit websites because they are looking for valuable information that will help them to make decisions on what products or services to purchase.

You may argue that your website has X number of pages of information. That is true, but those are static pages. If you are to succeed in business with your online presence, you need to continuously add information (content) to your website. This could be service reviews, product care, or any industry news.

“Content is king,” a phrase popularized by Bill Gates in 1996, are the buzz words of internet marketing gurus.

How can you bring this into fruition?

Maintain an active blog

Welcome to the realm of blogging. It is by no means the silver bullet, but maintaining an active blog is a great way to start growing your website traffic.

Establish a blogging schedule and stick to it. Whether it is once or twice a week, the continuous addition of new unique content will certainly be that road that runs right next you your billboard in the desert.

A tour operator, for example, can write about a recent adventure. Where were the tourists visiting from? What were their experiences or what feedback did they express? There are a myriad of subjects that you can blog about from your customers’ experience. Include some trivia that will amuse people.

Did you catch a Blue Marlin on your fishing trip? Share that experience with the world. This can be translated into any area of business that you find yourself in.

The key is to just be candid, and have fun in the process. Aim for 450-500 words.

Be sure to ask a question at the end to stimulate conversations.

Happy blogging!!!

Now that you have been enlightened, what is your first blog post going to be about?

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