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  • Logo Mockup

    Logo Designing: Working in the abstract

    Whenever I am consulted to design a logo, anxiety follows and my thoughts are left running wild. Even without a full design brief or research on the niche within which the project falls, my mind gets fully engaged. I recently was asked to provide a …

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  • brand recognition

    Is your brand recognizable

    Whenever I venture to the beach for my routine walk, I leave between 8000 and 10,000 footprints in the sand. Except when the water erases them, I have essentially left my brand behind, or more correctly, the brand of the sneakers that I wear. I …

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  • Google Logo

    Google Unveils New Logo

    Google has launched a brand-new logo, ditching an iconic font known to billions of users for more than 15 years. When users visit the search engine’s homepage, an animation shows the old logo being gradually erased, and a transformed emblem being drawn with crayons.

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