Logo Design

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol used by businesses, organizations or individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. A logo aims to communicate a desired thought, feeling or elicit a desired emotional response. It is the core of a corporate identity/brand which symbolizes the character of a company or organization.

There are three types of logos:

  • Iconic/Symbolic
  • Logotype/Wordmark
  • Combination mark

Types of logos


An Icon or symbol is visual imagery that relates to a product, service or organization. It is either a literal or abstract representation of the organization. For the world’s most recognizable brands, they can stand on their own, without the brand name.

An effective icon/symbol should be:

  • Instantaneously recognizable,
  • Instantly recognizable,
  • Memorable,
  • Clear when reproduced in small sizes, and
  • Illustrative in nature, either concrete or abstract.

iconic or symbolic logo


Logotype, also referred to as “word mark”, utilizes typography that is uniquely styled to represent a company or brand name. Type fonts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, each of which conveys a felling on the intended audience.
Depending upon the usage of fonts, it can proclaim strength and power, or playfulness and carefree. They can even include characters or symbols to create intrigue. An important factor to consider when selecting fonts is its ability for it to remain legible when the size is reduced.

Logotype or Wordmark

Combination Marks

As the name suggests, a combination mark comprises both the icon/symbol and the wordmark. These complement each other and provide clarity to the product or brand.

Combinationmark Logo

Logo Variations

Many brands have various versions depending on usage, whether it is for a specific product or service or for use within a defined space. These brands invariable have an approved symbolic logo, wordmark and combination logo with defined roles and uses.

logo variations

Variations of FedEx logo

Variations of Suzuki logo

Variations of Suzuki logo

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